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The Nyanko Chronicle Special Report

The Nyanko Chronicle Special Report:
Let Us All Have Everlasting Dreams of Love and Friendship

This special report is dedicated to all my friends and family! *deep bows*
This poem song that I wrote is a way of giving my "Valentine's Day" to all of you~!!
Acutally, it would be something that I would write for my favorite character - Yukito Tsukishiro!! >///<

Hope that you'll feel it in your hearts and smile on such a special occasion! ^o^

"Everlasting Dreams"
A Special "Valentine's Day" Poem Love Song
Composed on February 11th, 2009

From a far and away distance
I could only bring to say
My only wish is for the one
To bring their own light of day

Should I dare to wake up forgetful
Or could I've done something regretful
Your true presence and your love
Caused my heart to be grateful for more

If you think of me as a beautiful princess
Then I'll make my love to you so endless

More than just once upon a dream
And if we keep on dreaming
Then our love will be forever real

Don't wake me up
Just let me be in your dream
Let us travel to the skies
So far beyond in our reach

What does it all mean?

The many answers in my heart
And you'll be the one
To guide me and to teach

These everlasting dreams
So real in our sleep
We will dance in the moonlight
Above the clouds and across the stars

Why all it seem so real?

The many hopes in my mind
And you'll still be the one
To make me shine and go high

Don't let us escape
From these everlasting dreams!

Upon staying together is our way of surviving
Loving each other is a battle worth fighting

I'll hold your hand
You'll give me a smile
And let our dreams be our love

Seeing my tears are slowly falling
And your smile is already fading

Softly kiss my lips once
Surely I'll wake up in your eyes
And your love will be my dream

Don't wake me up
Just let be in your dream
Please embrace me in your arms
I'll remember your face in my dreams

Oh, how sweet this truly feels!

The many wishes in my thoughts
And you'll be the one
Who will grant them for me

These everlasting dreams
So real in our sleep
You carry me in your arms
Just like newlyweds should be

And so this is true love!

The many feelings in my life
And you'll still be the one
Who make me feel to be loved

Please let us stay
In these everlasting dreams!

Which one in your heart will show you the real me?
Which one in your life will you love me the most?

Tell me now, promise me somehow

Two worlds, two lives
All wrapped up in one destiny
Showing me like a true friend
Before all this comes to an end

I hear you somehow, I believe you now

Assuring that you'll always love me for what's real
And so we'll remain in our everlasting dreams...

"Happy Valentine's Day", minna-sama!
Much love and hugs to all of you~

"With all love and hope, always and forever!"

Nyanko Atreides Tsukishiro ^__^
"The Nyanko Chronicles" Chronicle Reporter


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Feb. 14th, 2009 09:57 pm (UTC)
"Happy Valetine's Day" to you as well, Sha-chan!! ^o^
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