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The Nyanko Chronicle Report 192

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 192:
The Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - Chapter 211

This chapter commentary report is credited to Ali-sama and Nightingale-san. *deep bows*

Splash Page Rating: Lovely splash page featuring the two Syaoran just smiling at each other!! At least, these happy splash pages just keeps getting more lovely than ever. Yes, I know that somebody was right about getting these happy splash pages~!! *laughs very hard* I hope there will be more to come, especially featuring one with Syaoran and Sakura together, ne! ^o^

All right, so we were left off crying our eyes out for the sudden departure of of the other Syaoran (Cloney). We miss you already, dude... ;____; *clears throat* Anyway, Kurogane and Fai have heart the last words that Cloney told to "Li Syaoran, Jr." Now the fifth page of this chapter was very emotional as "Junior", Kurogane, and Fai were holding on to something that belonged to the other Syaoran. Fai was holding the piece of his magical source. Kurogane was holding on the Hien. "Junior" was still holding the last fragments of the other Syaoran's soul.

Kurogane, having the Hien on his hand said on why he didn't survive after he apologized for his terrible actions in the past. Nice choice of words, ne!! Really felt it right there in my heart. *sniffles and gives thumbs high* Now I know that you Fai fangirls will absolutely love the seventh page as he is so dramatic on placing his magic back on his eye. Say good-bye to him wearing that patch on his eye now!

Pin Pon!! Looks like Kasumi-san's was definitely right on guessing that his magic will go back to his eyes~!!

I wonder what Kurogane is thinking as he was staring "Junior" in a most strange way, handing back the Hien to him. My gosh, it seems that somehow... the remaining magic that Cloney used is still going around. Possibly trying to connect between two different dimensions. The dimension where they're standing with Fei Wong Reed's dimension. "Junior", Kurogane, and Fai quickly spring into action as they use the magic to enter Fei Wong Reed's dimension.

"Junior" and Kurogane get jump ahead on attacking Fei Wong Reed. "Junior" diverts a strategy by reflecting Fei Wong Reed's attack and Kurogane strikes him down with the Ginryuu!! Slicing him down in one quick swift move!! Does Kurogane finally gets his personal vengeance against him?! Is this finally over...?

Chotto matte!! (Wait a moment!!) NO, HE DOESN'T!! It turns out that it was a decoy and is... DR. KYLE RONDART?!! I can't believe Fei Wong Reed pulled such a stunt! How dare this two-time jerkweed use a cowardly decoy to hide himself?! I don't believe this guy, the nerve out of that jerk!! NOT COOL!! O___o OH, HOLY MOKONA!! WHAT. THE. HELL!!

Pardon for my language. *clears throat again* So the REAL Fei Wong Reed shows up, holding Sakura-hime's body. Syaoran is enraged that he keeps screaming his name in great anger!!

I know that I'm such a total dork, but I laughed so hard when Syaoran screamed "FEI WONG!!!" on that last page with such anger in his eyes. It really reminded me of that scene when Admiral James Kirk went on an anger and screamed "KHAAAAN!!" on the second "Star Trek" movie! (See "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan") Not sure if any of you are familiar with that movie. *laughs very hard*

Anyway, back to concluding this commentary report and stil no sign of that manjuu bun!! *laughs* Will this be the final turning point of this journey? Can their combined efforts will finally bring down Fei Wong Reed and rescue Sakura-hime? Hold on tight, because this final showdown may be just around the corner on happening!!

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