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Chronicle Report of the Past | Chronicle Report of the Future

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 191A-B

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 191A-B:
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Doubleheader Report

These chapter commentary report is specially dedicated to Maggie-san (yamisakura38)! ^o^
Now the much needed patience has finally paid off for those who truly waited!!

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 191A:
The Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - Chapter 209

Quick Splash Page Rating: A very nice page featuring the "Puppy Team" of Syaoran and Kurogane in Outo. I laughed so hard because you can see Kurogane's grin and Syaoran being soakin' wet. Of course, you all know that it was the moment during the sword training when Kurogane pelted a pebble on Syaoran's head.

Anyway, to start the first Tsubasa chapter for the year 2009 after waiting for so long... it was left off where Cloney was dragging "Li Syaoran, Jr." toward Fei Wong Reed. Ay, looks like Kurogane and Fai aren't looking so good after a cruel melee with Fei Wong Reed's minions. ^^;; Closer and closer is the Cloney on approaching toward Fei Wong Reed. Heh, he thinks he's so confident that his so-called wish will be fulfilled by having "Junior". *stick tongue out* Determined to save their fellow traveling comrade, Kurogane and Fai sprint to avoid Cloney handing "Junior" to Fei Wong Reed.

Then... all of a sudden... FEI WONG REED GETS STABBED IN THE CHEST!! O___o Now the following set of pages really gets very interesting! It seemed that it was Cloney being the one stabbing him. However, if you have good eyes and see it closely who is having the Hien in their hand... you'll realize that it was "JUNIOR"!! When I read this, I went like "HOLY MOKONA...
NO WAY! "JUNIOR'S" ALIVE!!". Uso da yo! I really have to say that CLAMP did a great job on fooling this reader on thinking that Cloney stabbed Junior on Chapter 208!

Honestly, both Cloney and "Junior" really got more lives than a cat!! XDDDD

Now it was well explained by Maggie-san that Cloney didn't stab Junior at all. Had to take a look back at the chapter to see that her confirmations are right. CLONEY STABBED HIMSELF IN THE FOOT!! Major ouchies! X___x It's official: Cloney is one sick dude!! Thank you for the detail explanations, Maggie-san!! Good eyes, ne~ *deep bows

Enraged by this act, Fei Wong Reed takes out his sword and goes to strike at "Junior". Once again, Kurogane and Fai are shocked by this. Suddenly, Cloney does another crazy move and stands in the way to get stabbed by Fei Wong Reed's sword. I tell you, there was too much blood spillage in this chapter and I don't think its' going to be over. Junior is surprised to see Cloney take the sacrificial hit for him. Then, Cloney decided to unleash Fai's magic!! What is he trying to do?! Find out on the next commentary report!

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 191B:
The Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle - Chapter 210

Splash Page Rating: Now Kasumi-san's right about having these lovely splash pages showing the character during the previous world. In this one, we see Syaoran and Fai making lunch at their house in Piffle World. Awh, those good old days were the most happy ones~!!

Demo ne, get your box of Kleenex out because this chapter is very bittersweet and emotional - especially for all you fans of "Cloney". I was very prepared to see this moment coming. *gives out handkerchiefs*

Cloney continues to release Fai's magic in the area and perhaps he was trying to do something behind Fei Wong Reed's world. Noticing about what Cloney is doing, he releases the sword and tries to attack them with his magic. However, "Junior" launches a counterattack with his wind element attack "Fuu Ka Shou Rai". "Junior" asks why did he do such a thing and is told that it has to do something that Sakura-hime told him back in Feudal Japan before she disappeared. Gosh, I really wanted to know the words that she really said to Cloney!! *sighs*

All right, so Cloney is losing too much blood and chance of staying alive is not very good!! Suddenly, his right eye begins to change as Fai's magic is no longer within him. Now to tell you the truth, the last pages was very emotional and CLAMP did a great job to captivate the emotions. The last moments of Cloney and "Junior" as each second passes by in their lives. Cloney's last words were spoken as he is in "Junior's" arms...

The sake of finding feather for Sakura-hime. Reminding him of remembering Kurogane, Fai, Mokona, Sakura, and especially "Syaoran" ("Li Syaoran, Jr"). For his moments of doing terrible and painful things towards them, he says that he's sorry. And at last, for his moments that were happy and kind with them, he says his thanks.

Just like that, the soul of Syaoran transforms into disappearing crystal fragments as "Li Syaoran, Jr." gives an emotional embrace. Now the question that lies ahead is all about the small piece of Fai's magic? Where will it go and what will happen? What is the next move for Syaoran, Kurogane, Fai, and Mokona?
Syaoran, Cloney... you shall be greatly missed now that you're gone in the many worlds. Even though you went heartless for a while, you always had a heart your beginning to your final end. Therefore, you will be honored in this small world that we live in. Sayonara.

By the way, where in the blazes is that white manjuu bun while this was happening?!


( 4 Comments Chronicled — Chronicle A Comment )
Jan. 25th, 2009 12:35 am (UTC)
Kasu here, chronicle-ing a comment just for you~! *points*

*coughs in a professional matter*

As you said, I was indeed correct. I'm very pleased with all of the splash pages of the past. Seeing them happy like they used to be is great. And I hope there's more to come, especially one with the four of them with the manjuu-bun~

Cloney definitely surprised me as well, but I thought I saw it coming when I saw him whisper to the other Syaoran. *nod nod* I knew he was to betray Fei Wong Reed, the jerk. But it made the love of Cloney come back. I do miss that Syaoran, indeed I do. It's too bad he had to die... and the way he said he was sorry and thank you... I really did cry at all of this. *laughs* I'm such a baby~

But! Fai's magic.. I think it'll either go into his eye or bring back his other eye so he no longer needs blood... Or, if Kurogane's metal arm is broken (*totally in a panic there*), maybe he'll give it up for him again...? Or maybe Yuuko-san saw it coming so she made a different arm with skin on it for Kurogane... Oh, I hope everything's all right in the end anyway, let's hope, ne!

Jan. 25th, 2009 01:26 am (UTC)
Yo, Kasumi-san!!

First of all, let me just say thank you for "chronicle-ing" in this newspaper-concept journal and for the report! ^o^

Since you like the splash pages so much, hope that CLAMP can grant your wish on seeing more happy splash pages! Better write them a letter to them. No more of this angsty stuff and more beautiful splash page of Kurogane. Ne, NE!! =D

I had to laugh so hard on the paragraph about your comment on Cloney! You do have the right to hate Fei Wong Reed so much - especially about what that jerkweed did to the parents of your ichiban. Not cool!!

Oi, everyone misses the good old Syaoran for he was modest and had a good heart. I somewhat thought in a way that his adoptive father died, maybe. Fujitaka (the archeologist) died by smiling until the last. Syaoran died by thanking his traveling companions until the last.

I really did cry at all of this. *laughs* I'm such a baby~

Oi, oi!! Save those tears for Kurogane, ne!
*still gives her a handkerchief*

As for Fai and his magic, I wonder if prefer him back to normal or still being that cool vampire... Demo ne, me thinks I'll leave it to those Fai fan experts~ Heehee! ^___^

I was really wondering what you would be feeling when Kurogane was looking pretty bad. Especially that his metal arm was on the fritz... Kasumi-san, don't panic!! Now repeat this yourself: "Everything will be all right." ("Zettai daijoubu da yo.") *pats her shoulder*

Ja ne, Kasumi-san!
Nyanko Atreides Tsukishiro ^__^
Jan. 26th, 2009 01:43 am (UTC)
Oh my... I-I almost miss this report o____O especially it is dedicated to me ^__________^ Glad I was digging through my f-list to do some back-tracking!!! Very nice and detailed report once again!! THANKS!!

I have to admit... since chapter 206, I was slightly puzzled WHY CLAMP is recycling the previous arc and especially the looong time ago happy one about C|Syaoran. At first, I have this dumbest idea that I thought CLAMP was running out of splash idea... yeah... yeah... I know totally stupid especially CLAMP ALWAYS have a reason to all things. However, chapter 210 just confirmed the reason behind it!!

It is (A) as a memorial for C|Syaoran heart-broken departure T__T (B) confirming to us that since C|Syaoran first appearance at the Clow Ruin, he HAS already changed and have a heart... and may it suggested that he gained those old times memory back. And probably since he stepped his feet in the ruin, he has already determined that he would sacrifice himself for the cause ;____;

As for, >> Gosh, I really wanted to know the words that she really said to Cloney!! *sighs*

Are you saying that as Cloney's perspective?? In truth, Cloney probably can guess what Sakura was saying to him BUT he really want to hear to it through Sakura's mouth!!

What Cloney was referring for that time is... the
"Watashi... anata... ga su..." and before Sakura can finish she disappeared into Cherry Blossom!! D: Of course we all know and probably even Cloney can sense that Sakura was trying to confess her love to him!! It is heartbroken to know that you can never hear those words again when the one you have loved your whole life/existence finally confessed to you. T___T
Jan. 27th, 2009 05:55 pm (UTC)
Augh~! The purple! The Purple~! It's so hard to read on my background, lol. XD
( 4 Comments Chronicled — Chronicle A Comment )

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