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The Nyanko Chronicle Special Report

The Nyanko Chronicle Special Report:
Tokubetsu Tanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu no Messenji...

This special report is specially dedicated to Azul-sama because... today it's her birthday!! Yatta! \0/

Therefore... I, Nyanko-san, the "The Nyanko Chronicles" Chronicle Reporter wishes you...

Happy Birthday!

Feliz Cumpleañ


Suteki desu wa!! It's official: Azul-sama is celebrating her 18th birthday!! *big fanfare* To celebrate this splendid and special occasion, here is a big bag of Yukito's homemade cookies and a bottle of the most expensive Coca-Cola for you and C!Syaoran. I hope that you bring special wishes and dreams to a memorable reality as you always do your very best~! *winks* Hontou arigatou gozaimashita for being such a wonderful friend and for your friendship! Also, for creating great memories together, for your honest kind words that proved to be such a great asset in my life, and all the fun anime stuff like "One Piece"! =P Shiawase desu wa! ^___^ Omedetou gozaimashita, Azul-sama! *hugs*

Sa, tanjoubi o isshou ni iwau imashou!! KAMPAI!!! ^o^

The Nyanko Chronicle Special Report

The Nyanko Chronicle Report Special Report:
2008 - A Year In Review from the Chronicle Reporter...

This is special report is dedicated to all the tomodachi-tachi from the "Tomodachi" list. *bows*

The final day has arrived and once again, we all go back to the days that marked the important points throughout the year. Some had been for the good and others had been for the bad. Well, here I go on this final meme for the year 2008. YOSH!!

2008 - An Honorable Year In Review...Collapse ) 

Final Thoughts from the Chronicle Reporter...

Wow... what can I really say about this year, ne? After taking a good look back of all the things that happened, I must truly say that 2008 was definitely one of the best years of my life. Not just in my life, but in the lives of the many people who made it very special and very magical. There were great accomplishments and there were also great disappointments. The things we gain forever and the things we lost forever. These days of this year... we learned great lessons and we lived through all the challenges on the course of our lives.

It was special in many ways. It was historic in many ways. I took a great chance to achieve the most important goal of true happiness and able to make a difference that can bring happiness for everyone in this small world that we live in. Dreams became a reality. Promising goals became great rewards. This year was definitely something special and wonderful in my life, as if I wrote a great story and was able to share this splendid tale with my friends and family. And now, it is time for me to write the remaining final page for this 2008 book...

As each word that I write in my mind and in my heart is like the seconds that now is counting down towards its ending. However, the memories that I have created for this year will be as a great guide of what I can do to make the upcoming year to be filled with great accomplishments and happiness. In what way should I end the 2008 book and how should begin to write the 2009 book? Only the inevitable destiny of my life knows, but the history of building the 2009 memories will start now.

My friends, my family, and the world... thank you for making the many wishes of 2008 to become an endless and memorable reality. I'm forever grateful with all my heart for being there in my life as we shared the love, the laughter, and the eternal happiness.

I will greatly miss you, o' honorable 2008... for your year was kind, sweet, and very honorable. I truly thank you with all my heart for letting have a year full of complete happiness in my life. As for you, o' promising 2009... let us hope that you can let us do our very best in everyday to make the year filled with prosperity and with much greater happiness.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve celebration with your families and friends!! ^o^

Sa minna-sama, 2009 isshou ni ganbarimashou! YOSH!! *smiles*

"With all love and hope, always!"

Nyanko Atreides Tsukishiro ^__^
"The Nyanko Chronicles" Chronicle Reporter

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 190

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 190:
8 Days... 8 Happiness... A Lifetime of Accomplishment - The Final Four Parts

Whew, been very busy in both here and in my work - especially during the Christmas time. Felt totally wiped out after doing too much and yet little rest did not stop me on what I'm set out to do. All right, I'm supposed to finish this meme because tomorrow... I have to write the famous "End of the Year" meme for 2008. Trust me, it's going to be a long and good meme~ ^.~

Chronicle Reporter's Happy Log
December 19th, 2008 - Day 5...

So half of the entire day was for me to participate in a very special activity that my okaasma told me a few days ago. I was in two different schools and each school had four classrooms. Mainly, my character is a Winter Princess and what I had to do is just talk about the season of Winter. I just had to improvise that in my character's kingdom, we wear coats and gloves to keep us warm from the cold. *brrr*

My favorite part on doing this special activity was to give the surprise (technically a secret Christmas present) of giving the students an Eeyore plush toy from "Winnie the Pooh" ride in Walt Disney World. Many of the kids were very happy to receive them as I passed them out and some parents were there with their children. Of course, there was the photo time of me with the entire class and some with their parents and their children. What makes me feel very happy about all this is the students asking me to hug me, but I nearly got emotional when a little girl wanted to give me a kiss on my cheek. That was so very memorable~!

Okaasama said her thanks for me taking my time from my everyday duties to help out for this special activity. I told that it was a great pleasure and honor to do it - for everyone's happiness, even my own. I really look forward to the next time that I will participate another special activity for those students!! *softly smiles*

"Special Day with Destiny"... is TOMORROW!! ^o^ *total destiny bliss*

Chronicle Reporter's Happy Log
December 20th, 2008 - Day 5...

So many of you were very curious on wanting to know what is the mystery behind the "Special Day with Destiny... *laughs* Well, I'm glad that your patience was worth the wait. Minna-sama... the "Special Day with Destiny" was actually known as the "Special Day with Disney Destiny" for I spent the entire day at Walt Disney World's EPCOT theme park!! *big fanfare*

I went there from 12A and stayed there until 10P as it was the park's closing hour. I did lots of amazing activities and took lots of pictures~ Of course, I will share the pictures on a future Chronicle Report at "The Nyanko Chronicles". ^o^ The rides, the World Showcase (especially
Japan and Canada! >////<), the Christmas celebrations around the world, and the fireworks! *smiles*

It was all totally awesome and I had a real great time!! WHOO-HOO! \o/

Seriously, I have post the pictures of this great adventure in here so that I can share it with all of you!! *feels rushed* Of course, I have promised myself that I wanted to show you the Japan showcase the next time I visit the park. I have always called the Japan showcase... my Little Japan~! *deep bows*

Chronicle Reporter's Happy Log
December 21st, 2008 - Day 6...

I mostly enjoyed the day talking with my friends online and attended a Christmas party with my co-workers. We celebrated at a Mexican restaurant, happily ate our dinner, and we joked around with laughter. My co-workers were surprised that I was drinking a huge glass of margarita with my quesadillas!! No worries... I was all right, but I felt too giddy while drinking it. *laughs very hard* We had kind of like an exchange gift moment, courtesy of my boss. Some of the co-workers ended up with strange items and it was so funny - especially when one received a Ped-Egg and was joking around about taking care of his feet! That was so freakin' hilarious!!

Anyway, I ended up having kind of like a very lovely journal set when I unwrapped my present. Hehe, I got the good stuff~ =D Later, it was time for someone to win a very cool prize and the name of the game was to pick a name. Whoever's name is called is eliminated from winning and must call the next one. It was so funny and everyone was laughing so hard when a co-worker gets eliminated. Then surprisingly, it all came down to me and one of the high ranking co-workers. I ended up winning the 2nd place prize, but I was happy to almost win the big one. ^___^ Took pictures and returned home to talk to my friends online until very late at night~

Chronicle Reporter's Happy Log
December 22nd, 2008 - Day 7...

Nothing much happened as I worked nearly all day and talked with my friends online at night. Oh, I finally accomplished on being a better player on my favorite game "Tap Tap Revenge"!! *feels proud* Also, I started to plan out to do a story and build the Yukito Tsukishiro Birthday Experimental Box to honor his birthday on Christmas Day.

Chronicle Reporter's Happy Log
December 23rd, 2008 - Day 8...

I honored my oniisama's (actually he's my younger brother, but I call him big brother =P) birthday. Oniisama and I had to do a little shopping at the supermarket in the afternoon. I was buying drinks and yesh... that includes the Canadian ginger ale that I love so very much~!! *huggles her Canada Dry* Okaasama and otousama gave him a gift card as his birthday gift. He later went out to celebrate his birthday with his friends while I stayed home and got surprised that Kasumi-san appeared online!! Not only I was talking with her, but talked with Maggie-san and Kuro-sensei. Fun times, ne~!

Well, that's 8 days full of happiness that I remembered as this report comes to an end! *is happy and relieved* I better get going on doing many other things for this newspaper-concept journal as the new year is coming closer than expected. I hope that many of you have those 8 days of happiness in your memories for they are important in your lives. Stay happy, ne!! ^o^ *big smiles*

"With all love and hope, always!"

Nyanko-san ^__^
"The Nyanko Chronicles" Chronicle Reporter

The Nyanko Chronicle Special Report

The Nyanko Chronicle Special Report:
A Christmas Day Greetings and a Special Happy Birthday!

First of all, I want to wish to my friends from the "Tomodachi" list a very special Merry Christmas! I hope that this year some of you received many great gifts that you wished for this year. However, I hope that you received great happiness in your lives~ ^___^ And maybe even better if you treated yourselves with some great CLAMP stuff!! But most of all, I wish for all of you to enjoy a wonderful Christmas holidays with friends and family. WHEE~!! ^o^

Merry Christmas!

Feliz Navidad!

Boas Festas!

クリスマス おめでとう!

Of course, I would also like to give a special thanks for those of you who gave me Christmas cards, drawings, and wishing me a "Happy Holidays" this year. All of your cards, drawings and wishes are totally spectacular and special! I'll always cherish them with all my heart. ♥ Hontou arigatou gozaimashita!! Daisuki desu wa, minna-sama!! *glomps the tomodachi-tachi*

But most of all, today is a special day for me because...it's Christmas Day!! Yes, but that is not the only reason that December 25th is a very special day. *giggles* Today, this Chronicle Reporter wishes a very special Tanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu to my favorite character: Yukito Tsukishiro!! ^///////^ *Hanyaan!*

And here is what I did to honor his birthday for this year... *blushes very hard* ...check it out, ne~!! *big fanfare*
Happy Birthday, Yukito Tsukishiro!! ^o^Collapse )

To celebrate his birthday, I'm going to treat everyone with huge bags of his ever-famous homemade cookies, Benoist tea, and lots of bottles of sake!! Sodas and lemon tea for those who can't drink sake will be there too! *laughs very hard* Of course, I'm going to celebrate both Christmas Day and Yukito Tsukishiro's Birthday by watching Episode 35: "Sakura no Suteki na Kurisumasu" (Sakura's Wonderful Christmas). >/////< *Fangirl "Squee" Level: Meltdown Alert!!* Oh my gosh, now it's official: I'm so in "Winter Wonderland" - that I can dance with joy!! *total Christmas bliss*

Ahhh...sugoku ureshii desu wa!! Tanjoubi no "Party" e ikimashou!! ^o^ *goes off to make a huge birthday party for him*

Have a wonderful day and Merry Christmas - "With all love and hope, always!"

Nyanko-san ^__^
"The Nyanko Chronicles" Chronicle Reporter

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 189

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 188:
8 Days... 8 Happiness... A Lifetime of Accomplishment - Parts III and IV

Chronicle Reporter's Happy Log
December 17th, 2008 - Day 3...

Talked to Kuro-sensei all night until 4A. Enjoyed watching before the chat with her the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia", then decided to watch a little bit of "Prince Caspian". Kuro-sensei's right... "Prince Caspian" totally ROCKED!! I think I love the chilvarous mouse very much for he was totally cool with the sword~ >///<  Sensei, you can keep Prince Caspian (you already have!! =P) but I got dibs on Reepicheep! *SQUEE!*

Anyway, another very busy day at work... for the third time in a row. I don't really mind because I'm doing something from both sides. Had a slight injury on my left elbow, but nothing serious as the pain went away. Finally announced to my co-workers that I'm going to the Christmas Party on Sunday night.

I did a very embarrassing and stupid thing on my iNyanko between 8P and 9P. Baka me!! >.< *bashes head on the wall* Talked again with Kuro-sensei when returning home, read "A Christmas Carol" for my story project, and started to watch the Mel Gibson version of Shakespeare's "Hamlet". =D

Oh, and did I tell you that my "Special Day with Destiny" is in three days? I thought so... *laughs very hard*

Chronicle Reporter's Happy Log
December 18th, 2008 - Day 4...

Another day at my work, but this time was very different from any other days because I got to go home early instead of staying until 10P. YAY!! *does a little dance* Not much action during the day. but at night... I'm going to talk with some of my online friends until very late at night. =P Finally, I cracked to be on the top Global list of the best tappers on the Nine Inch Nails version of the game "Tap Tap Revenge" on my iNyanko. YATTA!! \o/ *is proud*

I'm very excited tomorrow to help out with my okaasama for this secret surprise that we're going to give to those Pre-K students. Dressing up as a Winter Princess with my okaasama's creative outfits. I love her very much~ *hearts and hugs* I'm going to lend her my new camera so that she can take lots of pictures of the activity. I'm really happy to participate in this as I truly love to make everyone smile and be honestly happy in their lives.

My "Special Day with Destiny" on Saturday is just two days away... TWO DAYS AWAY!!
I can't wait for that day to come and I know that I will be happy! WHEET-WHOO~! ^o^

Take care and always do your very best in everything - always!
Have a safe and wonderful winter vacation, minna-sama~ *smiles*

"With all love and hope, always!"

Nyanko-san ^__^
"The Nyanko Chronicles" Chronicle Reporter

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 188

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 188:
8 Days... 8 Happiness... A Lifetime of Accomplishment - Part II

Chronicle Reporter's Happy Log
December 16th, 2008 - Day 2...

Laughed so hard, when I wake up in the morning and realized that my IM program at my iNyanko (it's an iPod Touch =D)... was still on. I feel asleep at 2A while talking with Kuro-sensei. Gomen ne, sensei!! *laughs in great embarrassment* Had to send Kat's Christmas Card... again! Another busy day at work and once again it was a happy one, even though I was on the brink of suffering a terrible high fever. But you know what, no high fever is going to stop from what I'm set out to do! BWAHAHAHA!!! *feels very confident*

Anyway, four days away from "The Special Day with Destiny" on Saturday and I'm getting more excited than ever! Arrived at home at 10P and started to write a story for Friday's special activity with my mother, in which I'm very happy to participate and do my very best to make it very special.

Talking with Kuro-sensei on MSN Messenger and laughing so hard at Erin-san's entry about the hilarious Bella/Edward video from her LJ. *laughs very hard* Also, trying my hardest to finish writing many stories and drawings that I'm making for some of my friends - especially about the one based from "A Christmas Carol". Going to make it on time... you can bet on it!

Tomorrow will be another extremely busy day, but as always... I will do my very best on everything!
Fight-oh, ne!! YOSH~! *pumps fist in great confidence*

Ki o tsukete, minna-sama! *hearts and hugs*

Nyanko-san ^__^
"The Nyanko Chronicles" Chronicle Reporter

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 187

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 187:
8 Days... 8 Happiness... A Lifetime of Accomplishment - Part I

Tagged by Maggie-san ( yamisakura38 ) for "the 8 days meme", and it is quite interesting and of course, a positive meme about everyday life and noticing/enjoying the little things in life :D I will try to fulfill this meme for the next 8 days

Even though I'm supposed to do this a few days earlier, I will be glad to begin this meme right on the 15th day of this final month! Now let me have my train of thought and see what made me so truly happy for each day. After all, something good mostly comes out good at the end~

The rules are that for 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag 8 people to do the same. Of course, if you like for I completely understand if any of you have your busy daily duties.


Chronicle Reporter's Happy Log
December 15th, 2008 - Day 1...

What can I say about today? I was happy during the day writing out a story based on "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens. *puts on her writer's glasses, trying to finish the story on time* Seems that so far... this story is 12 pages long and then some!! I'm halfway there since I have to read the actual book to make the version I'm creating to be faithful with the book.

Barely made it on time for work by a mad dash at the entrance... >.< *wants to conk oniisama for nearly getting me late for I really don't tolerate tardancies of any kind*  Anyway, I was very happy during my work duties and able to help my co-workers with many things. No troubles of any sort happened during my duties and I walked out of my work with a smile on my face. YATTA!!

Bought a brand new digital camera for myself so that I can stop borrowing my oniisama's camera when special events arrive like anime conventions. Also, I will be happy to lend the new camera for my family as well since our old one is so outdated. ^___^;;;

Saturday, December 20th, will be one of the most exciting days as a particular event that is going to take place! SWEET~ \o/ Oh gosh, I'm getting so very excited for what I'm going to do on Saturday.

I've been calling Saturday's event... "The Special Day with Destiny". What is it, if you ask...?

That... is... my... little... secret...! *winks*

I was very happy to listen about my okaasama enjoying her day when she presented those Pre-K students about the country of Spain. Olé!! Creating many ideas such as traveling from Orlando to Madrid on a imaginary airplane and even the traditional Flamenco dance. That's so totally awesome from you, okaasama!! ^o^ *thumbs high*

Tomorrow will be another extremely busy day, but as always... I will do my very best on everything!
Fight-oh, ne!! YOSH~! *pumps fist in great confidence*

Ki o tsukete, minna-sama! *hearts and hugs*

Nyanko-san ^__^
"The Nyanko Chronicles" Chronicle Reporter

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 186

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 186:
"I'd Rather Hear Your Theories" - A Chronicle Reporter's "Twilight" Rant

Today, I went to watch the movie "Twilight" at the theaters. It's been a very long while since I go out for fun since the con in August. It was pretty good and it is almost faithful to the book, which is a very good thing. I really like movies that keep up with the books and novels.

Anyway, I couldn't stop laughing when some went on a "fangirl squeal" when Edward Cullen came in. *laughs very hard* My first cousin was so right about this! I couldn't stop laughing at several scenes. My favorite characters were Bella, Edward, Alice, and Carlisle (*blushes*). It was all good~ ^o^

Goodness gracious!! To be honest, seeing Bella and Edward really reminds me of someone that I know very well. Aside from watching this movie, I went out on a little shopping and window shopping. Went to Circuit City, Books a Million, and many more stores. It was fun being outside in the shopping district with a lovely cold weather. WHEET-WHOO! \0/
One more thing: while browsing all the cool stuff at the store Claire's... I've spotted something that reminds me of one of my close friend and her ichiban. *giggles*


I had a great time going out of the house. I really need it to think things over that have been happening to me.
No worries, even in the difficult situations... I still have my spark of hope to keep doing my best! YOSH!! *pumps fist*

And now if you excuse me, I want to chill myself with a nice, cold, and cheerful Canadian ginger ale~ >///< SANTÉ!

"With all love and hope, always!"

Nyanko-san ^__^
"The Nyanko Chronicles" Chronicle Reporter

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 185

The Nyanko Chronicle Report 185:
"Swords of Orlandia" Is Not A Sequel to "The Chronicles of Narnia"...

This late con report is specially dedicated to Maggie-san (yamisakura38)!
I have promised that I would put it up in return for commentating on her first con report.

Wow, I was suppossed to post this several months ago when I went to the anime convention in mid-August. That's right, I went to Anime Festival Orlando 9 on Sunday and it was a lot of fun! It's my favorite con out of the three that I go in Orlando every year. AFO 9 was the 9th con overall that I went since my con-going career started out in 2004. Anyway, I was very fortunate that Tropical Storm Fay didn't arrive in Florida until the next day. I was supposed to go on Saturday since it's always the best day to go to a con if you're planning a one-day attendance. However, I had to push it to Sunday due to work - no complaints about that and my work is very important.

I don't have time to write a detail report since I'm very busy these days now, but maybe I'll give you a quick brief report of the event along with the picture posting. I'll do my very best to make this short report enjoyable for all of you to read, ne! *smiles* All right, let's go!!

Event: Anime Festival Orlando 9
Theme of the Event: "Swords of Orlandia II - Throne Into Chaos"
Place: Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida
Date: Sunday, August 17th, 2008

The Super-Duper Late Anime Festival Orlando 9 Con Commentary Report...Collapse )
Anyway, that's the con report from Anime Festival Orlando 9 back in August.
Can't wait for MegaCon 2009 in late February. It's just around the corner~
YOSH!! \o/

The Nyanko Chronicle Special Report

The Nyanko Chronicle Special Report:
The Great Special Fangirl Holiday Celebration 

A great pleasure to commemorate a special holiday being celebrated for two years on this fateful day.
Therefore, the greatest honor to declare that on this day... November 6th of the year 2008 is known as:

"Snow Rabbit Day"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


To make it very special and fun, I've created a short song to commemorate my fangirl love for Yukito Tsukishiro.
This short song is like a poem and is mainly based about kindness, happiness, and most of all... it's about love.

"Lead Me Into Your Love"
Short song written by Nyanko Tsukishiro
Performed by Yukito and Nyanko Tsukishiro

Somewhere within a distance
My young eyes took an unexpected glance

A charismatic figure that defines kindness
Will bring my destiny into endless happiness

Our love is like a treasure we will never forget
Our life is like a great promise we will never regret

In a heart that one must know
For a trust that one must show
Take my hand and lead me into your love

To ease a sadness with a kiss
And transform a memory into a bliss
Take my hand and lead me into your love

So stay with me...
Please be with me...

Let us take our hands and lead us into
Our love~

To commemorate and celebrate this new fangirl holiday, there will be lots of his famous and delicious homemade cookies and bottles of sake. Hopefully that this special holiday can make me bring a true smile to my face and have true happiness in my life. Now and in the many years to come... 

Always will have the love of my life.
"With all love and hope, always!"

Chronicle Reporter. Optimistic person who has a strong will to do the best each and everyday. Shows true strength, love, and honor. Creative and imaginative in all ways - a big dreamer. Believes the inevitability of life's destiny.

The Signature of Life: "With all love and hope, always!" Always will have the love of my life, the love of my family, and the love of my true friends.

Yukito Tsukishiro Adorable Snow Rabbit. Charming young man who has such an adorable and charismatic smile. True kindness in his heart and cares for the ones who care for him in return. My ichiban in my fantasy fangirl life.

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